About us


Ice europe is a company specialized in the field of long industrial and commercial refrigeration.
Founded in 2000, the business has gradually expanded by including in its manufacture a wide and complete range of Automatic Ice Makers.
In 2001 was started the production of a frantumaghiaccio “Ice Crush”, an essential complement to bartenders.
The Ice europe is specialized with commitment and expertise in the production of ice makers of high quality, robustness and reliability, and the marketing and production of the equipment for bartenders creating the brand Radioactivebarman.
More and more, also, the importance given to research and testing of new equipment, the activities carried out in-house so ‘as to provide a complete service in the field of refrigeration.
Since 2005 he has started make ice food for individuals and businesses, and to export to other countries, the system of production of ice making factories in the franchise.
In 2014 acquired the brand Carotti ice has completed the circle of the industrial refrigeration sector in Tuscany, strategically to serve the entire country so that it can continue the historical experience of Carotti ice.